Research Station Life

Spending a chunk of time at a research station is really a wonderful experience. The nature of a research station brings together researchers, instructors and students from all over the world. So there are ample opportunities for cross-pollinating research interests and developing new ideas. Kids at the research station also get exposed to other researchers... Continue Reading →

Blood, snot and tears

It has been an emotional weekend at our house... On Saturday my girls discovered our beloved hens were killed by raccoons. These birds were with us for 5 & 6 years, long past their egg bearing years. They were feathered pets, playing chasey games with the girls, letting themselves be picked up and carried around,... Continue Reading →

Kid rationalization (a.k.a. out of the mouth of babes)

My kids amaze me with their ability to rationalize things. Either things actually heard, or things misheard, but they always say things that baffle and amaze me. Take the following examples Kid 1: "I love the colour blue. It's the colour of drowning." Hubs: "You have to eat your fish for the DHA and fatty acids"... Continue Reading →

For the love of a field station

Bamfield is a lovely town, and the people that live here have been so welcoming and friendly. If you haven't been here, you should really see this short clip from CBC's Still Standing (I would have liked to embed that video here, but the CBC player won't let me). It encapsulates the charm of the town, along... Continue Reading →

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