Alina-Fisher-Portrait-2016-45A communications scholar studying the barriers to effective science communication. Like how dry that statement was.

Not everyone likes science as much as I do. Crazy, I know! But though I’m a science nerd, I take Science Communications (SciComm) pretty seriously. So in this post-truth world where pseudoscience and fake science seems to dominate social media (and make news headlines), I decided to research why this happens.

I graduated in 2017 with a Master’s of Professional Communication from Royal Roads University, and some people (besides my mom) think that my research is pretty important. My research has earned me a Governor General’s Gold Medal nominee, and a MITACS Accelerate award, I was listed as MITACS 150 for 150, and as a Canadian Wildlife Federation Local Hero. Not bad for a nerd.

I put my skills to work as the Research Manager for the University of Victoria‘s School of Environmental Studies and as the SciComm Maven for Mavens Media. My research in science has spanned some fascinating population ecology processes from pollination, mutualism, invasive species, and re-introducing endangered species. And I have the scratches and scars to prove it.

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Of course I also do SciComm for my collaborators. I love science communication in all forms and am especially fond of Twitter (@alinacfisher & @UVicENVI & @AltaWolvererine). I’ve written science-related articles for multiple on-line publications. I’m available for lectures, workshops, or freelance work. If you’re looking to make your SciComm stand out, please contact me.

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