Snow days: of torn jackets and battered pride

Ah gravity. What would we do without it? Fly through the sky, right? Also we'd go sailing into space and our inevitable deaths. Of course there are other things that would happen if the law of gravity no longer applied to our universe, and each would result in our rather immediate demise. But I digress...... Continue Reading →

Don’t trust an anthropomorphic raccoon

Have you heard the term anthropomorphism? It refers to ascribing human-like traits to non-human entities. Most biologists discourage the application of anthropomorphism, like your cat is plotting to kill you when you won't let it outside, or that the racoon you're feeding thinks of you as a friend. Chances are your cat isn't actually plotting... Continue Reading →

Research Station Life

Spending a chunk of time at a research station is really a wonderful experience. The nature of a research station brings together researchers, instructors and students from all over the world. So there are ample opportunities for cross-pollinating research interests and developing new ideas. Kids at the research station also get exposed to other researchers... Continue Reading →

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