Charismatic organisms, “lost causes”, and conservation priorities – Oct 2018

Withering wildlife: Will Canada Target 1 conservation goals effectively protect our unique biodiversity? – Aug 2018
(cross-posted in the IUCN Mountain UPDATE No.99 (p. 5) – Sept 2018)

Move to Mars? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should… – May 2018

Climate change, fire, and their implications for species – Jan 2018
(cross-posted on the Nature Conservancy of Canada – Feb 2018)

Body of Evidence: Debunking Medical Myths – Dec 2017

The elusive wolverine: beyond the X-men character – Oct 2017
(cross-posted on the Nature Conservancy of Canada – Dec 2017)


Is there any wilderness left untouched? – Dec 2017

The mysterious case of the lost fishers – Dec 2017

Environmental Studies researchers awarded prestigious WS Cooper Award – Mar 2017


Standing out from the crowd: The Uncommon Women – Apr 2018

BCcampus Scholarly Teaching Fellows: Golden and Ready to go! – Feb 2018

FIPPA consent forms: A pedagogical opportunity for one B.C. post-secondary educator – Dec 2017

Going with the FLO—Many options for facilitated learning online – Oct 2017

BCTLC welcomes new Executive Members – Sept 2017


Where have all the bluebirds gone? – Aug 2016

Tasty, tasty salmon – Feb 2015

How to camera trap your kids – Dec 2014


Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services & Sustainability Symposium 
“Defeat the Dark Side: How to use Social Media like a SciComm Jedi”, McGill University (September, 2018)

Ocean Leaders Workshop: Science Storytelling on Social Media
“How to Tweet Like a Boss: Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Science in Social Media”, UBC (October, 2017)

SciComm 101 workshop  – CSEE 2017, Victoria, BC (2017)

SciFund Challenge Video Outreach Class – online (2014)

SciFund Challenge Outreach Class – online (2014)



Associate Faculty, School of Environment and Sustainability, ENSC 323, RRU

Panelist, BA Professional Communication program, COMM 490, RRU (May 2018)

Guest lecture “Social Media Lab: Why bother with social media”, grad students in Environmental Studies, ES501/601, UVIC (February 2018)

Guest lecture “How to Tweet Like a Boss: The Use of Framing for Audience Engagement”, BSc Environmental Sciences program, ENSC 323, RRU (December 2017)

Guest lecture “Social Media Lab: Why bother with social media”, grad students in Environmental Studies, ES501/601, UVIC (January 2017)

Teaching Assistant for undergraduate-level courses in the departments of Biological Sciences and Renewable Resources. Courses in biology, botany, zoology, and plant science. Lab design for Behavioural Ecology – University of Alberta (1997-2000)

Grade SchoolIMG_0464

Guest lecture “Conservation and social media”– Journey Middle School (January 2019)

Instructor, “Natural History and Animal Species”, 3-week biology “mini-x” course, Glanford Middle School (June 2018)

Guest lecture “Talking about conservation” – Shoreline Middle School (December 2017, 2 class sessions)

Judge – Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (2005 & 2006)

Judge – Edmonton Regional Science Fair (1999 & 2000)

Judge – Canada Wide Science Fair (1999 & 2005)


“How do you frame the prettiest swan song?” BioTweeps #BTCon18 (June 2018)

“What does the tweet say: The role of framing in social media science communication & implications for GOERT” – GOERT Colloquium (November 2017)

“What does the tweet say: The role of emotion versus cognition in social media science communication” – Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (May 2017)

“Swimming upstream: Invading Atlantic Salmon occupancy dynamics, and the science of public apathy” – Alberta Chapter The Wildlife Society (March 2016)

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