Teaching Assistant, Galiano field course (ES 471 / ER 412), Environmental Studies, UVIC (2021)

Teaching Assistant, School of Communication and Culture (COMM 464) and College of Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS 510), RRU (2021)

Associate Faculty, School of Environment and Sustainability, ENSC 323, RRU

Guest lecture “Social Media Lab: Why bother with social media”, grad students in Environmental Studies, ES501/601, UVIC (2017- 2021)

Guest lecture “Research Methods: Mixed Methods are your Friend”, COMM 515, RRU (November 2018)

Panelist, BA Professional Communication program, COMM 490, RRU (May 2018)

Guest lecture “How to Tweet Like a Boss: The Use of Framing for Audience Engagement”, BSc Environmental Sciences program, ENSC 323, RRU (December 2017)

Teaching Assistant for undergraduate-level courses in the departments of Biological Sciences and Renewable Resources. Courses in biology, botany, zoology, and plant science. Lab design for Behavioural Ecology – University of Alberta (1997-2000)


Grade School

Guest lecture “Conservation and social media”– Journey Middle School (January 2019)

Instructor, “Natural History and Animal Species”, 3-week biology “mini-x” course, Glanford Middle School (June 2018)

Guest lecture “Talking about conservation” – Shoreline Middle School (December 2017, 2 class sessions)

Judge – Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (2005 & 2006)

Judge – Edmonton Regional Science Fair (1999 & 2000)

Judge – Canada Wide Science Fair (1999 & 2005)

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