Wasp cannon

Have you seen the news that bees were recently added to the list of endangered species? It's circulating on social media in this terrifying form (oh no think of the honey), and though some bees are indeed in trouble, there are a lot of other pollinators that are in even more danger—from bumblebees to butterflies to wasps.... Continue Reading →

Of Mammoths and Men

In lab meeting this week, we somehow got on the topic of how scientists are close to resurrecting the wooly mammoth. Well, at least they've successfully inserted mammoth DNA into their closest living relatives, the Asian elephant. There's some debate about what put the final nail in the coffin for mammoths, but this seems legit... Continue Reading →

Camera roll randomness

I have been trying to write a few blog posts all at the same time (I don't recommend this, it's super confusing and achieves nothing), while also recently reading two dozen papers (or so) on novel ecosystems, landscape use (i.e. habitat fragmentation), and the effectiveness of conservation... Of course, with software crashing all around me... Continue Reading →

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