Camera roll randomness

I have been trying to write a few blog posts all at the same time (I don’t recommend this, it’s super confusing and achieves nothing), while also recently reading two dozen papers (or so) on novel ecosystems, landscape use (i.e. habitat fragmentation), and the effectiveness of conservation… Of course, with software crashing all around me and technology generally making me grumpy. 😤

So it seemed like a good reason to troll my own camera roll for something on the lighter side. Enjoy. 😉

You’ve heard of “it fits I sits?”

Apparently, that also applies for the bunny’s cage when the rabbit isn’t in it. Weirdo cat.

Isn’t this just the best couples’ photo?

Of horse

More great family photos

Disney owns Marvel. Marvel owns Thor. Thor is now a woman, who is the daughter of king Odin. Thor is now a Disney Princess.

Proof that my cat, Thor is clearly a Disney Princes. 

Dali Llama, get it?

Karma hates my sense of humour, so I dropped and broke this mug last week. Crap.

Found porn

I don’t know what this guy did, but clearly, a reminder of his punishment needed to be carved into a serving hutch.

More found porn

I just have to say “ouch”

Yoga brand laptop?

In your mind’s browser, clear your chache…

Now delete your history…

Now navigate to a blank web page…

Photobomb fail

Or maybe an epic win?

Given the composition—nose and throat—I feel like this might be otolaryngologist porn. That really rolls off the ear, nose, and throat.

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