Family weddings as a child

There are few things as exciting as a family wedding when you’re little. There are fancy clothes, there’s music, and there is unrestrained access to desserts.

You get to see your cousins that live away. And you get to jump on the beds at the hotel.


You and your cousins dominate the playground. Even a gate is the best toy in the world when your cousins are there.

You get to ask your mom why the bride and groom are doing and saying everything during the ceremony, and she’s not allowed to get annoyed.

You get to dance with mommy all the time so that’s not very exciting. But you get to dance with grandma!

And grandpa!

And daddy!

And your cousins!

And if you really, really don’t want to leave the party, you might just get to sleep under daddy’s jacket.

Yup, there is some special magic to family weddings when you’re a kid. Even if mommy makes you pose for a family photo.


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