On the road to hell

Some people say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But after today I think it’s paved with asphalt. Hot, stinky asphalt. All the way to Salmon Arm, BC.

As usual our trips are humorous and trying all at once. I woke up with laryngitis so hubs got to run around gleefully saying that now I can’t nag him. What it means is that no one can hear anything I’m saying. So for once I’m not being ignored but honestly not heard.

But I can’t keep my witty observations to myself so it was torture driving for most of the day without being able to share my snide comments. Like that episode of MASH where Hawkeye isn’t able to crack a joke for a day. Only I’m still stuck in a purgatory of no communication. 


Like this guy. So much potential for mockery
Someone’s mondo dump this morning made us miss our ferry by 2 minutes. But of course once we descended into the Hobbs of Hell (which is Mission, BC – where the temperature was nearly 34 C) she decided it was a great time to pick up where she left off. Besides the fact that it was scorching, and hence the public gas station bathroom reeked, the girls both piled into the same stall with me. So the other 2 of us were trapped in there while this one added to the sweaty stench.

My car decided to start telling the time on the planet Klingon.

It may as well have been heiroglyphics. 

Typically I love warm weather. Hell I’ve even done field work summer-long in a scorching desert. But whatever gave me laryngitis, also gave me a fever. So when we descended into the deepest pits of hell (which is Kamloops, BC – where the temperature was 39 C) I was ready to expire. 

Thankfully there was lots and lots of cool water to lay in when we got to Salmon Arm where we were spending the night. It’s still firmly in the middle of Hades but there is an oasis here to keep me from passing out. And lots of Tylenol for my fever.

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