Vacation truths

  1. It always seems like a good idea whenever you’re booking the vacation.
  2. Your kids (or the kids of other people around you) will wake you up early enough to watch the sun rise. Every. Single. Morning.
  3. Someone will be in tears every day, whether it be the kids, yourself, or your partner. Though man-crying is better known as random acts of fury, and will make someone else cry as a result.
  4. It seems like a good idea to let the kids stay up each night.
  5. The kids won’t sleep in, or let you sleep in to make up for it. See point 2.
  6. Every campground has that guy who runs his generator early/late, dogs running around barking uncontrollably, and kids screaming.
  7. Every well intentioned person with a guitar nonetheless keeps everyone around a camp fire hostage as a silent audience.
  8. It will rain (or snow at higher elevation), or there will be a fire ban, or both.
  9. If you fly, someone will get air sick.
  10. If you drive, someone will get car sick.
  11. You will need a vacation to recover from your vacation.
  12. You will be looking forward to going back to work, just for the quiet, and high likelihood of not having to mediate a fight between children. Even if you have over 200 emails waiting for you.

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