Kid rationalization (a.k.a. out of the mouth of babes)

My kids amaze me with their ability to rationalize things. Either things actually heard, or things misheard, but they always say things that baffle and amaze me. Take the following examples

  1. Kid 1: “I love the colour blue. It’s the colour of drowning.”
  2. Hubs: “You have to eat your fish for the DHA and fatty acids”
    Kid 2: “But I don’t like fatty asses!”
  3. Kid 1: “I remember the last time I got a chocolate egg with a toy inside. It was a giraffe. I love giraffes. The head fell off.”
  4. Me: “Baaaa” like a goat
    Kid 2: “That was a great duck quack mom”
  5. Hubs: (talking to kids about sex) “Ask me if you have any questions.”
    Kid 2: “How does a sea otter get the urchin out of it’s shell?”
  6. Kid 1: (in response to another talk about sex) “That sounds uncomfortable”
  7. Hubs: “You’re not a peregrine falcon!”
    Kid 2: <bursts into tears>
  8. Kid 1: “Zombies have to wear boots to keep from getting the floor dirty.”

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