Weird shit part 5

I’ve had to be way too serious today, so I need to inject some levity into the day. And so, here’s another weird shit instalment. A.k.a. my life in pictures.


This sums up parenthood before coffee



Kid is saving her pencil shavings to use in an art project. I must not appreciate her talent. Or art.



How is this even comfortable?!


I told her it wouldn’t hurt to get this appliance removed. Orthodontist: Hold my beer


Um, thanks for the note?


Cupcakes, not just for eating anymore


RIP Frosty. Where’s the police tape?


Gaming the Google arts and culture app…


Came face to face with Darth Vader this morning. Hubs got me good


OMG look! This occupancy modelling book looks just like the Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master screen! Who’s the dork now? Oh… no wait.

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