A piece of toast, a coat hook and a spoon walk into a bar

Have you ever seen a face in your toast? Or a drunken octopus in your coat hook? Or a spoon on Mars? If so, that's pareidolia, a phenomenon whereby our minds find a pattern in the random. There are many examples of it, and most are a great source of amusement. And of course it's... Continue Reading →

Tales from the lab meeting

Today I went to the Surf & Turf Lab meeting, led by John Volpe & Jake Fisher. Both John and Jake have some fabulous grad students, and it's an atmosphere open to constructive criticism. Today's topic was on making a professional website that is both... well, professional... but also engaging.  There are a lot of... Continue Reading →

Blood, snot and tears

It has been an emotional weekend at our house... On Saturday my girls discovered our beloved hens were killed by raccoons. These birds were with us for 5 & 6 years, long past their egg bearing years. They were feathered pets, playing chasey games with the girls, letting themselves be picked up and carried around,... Continue Reading →

Hogwarts and the defeat of Voldemort

I find myself walking around the lovely Hatley Castle lately.    You may recognize it as Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning from X-men. Sadly Wolverine hasn't ever been here when I was.    Many of the students here have been calling it Hogwarts - in keeping with that theme I feel like something magical happened... Continue Reading →

The offense of clothes

Right now, the rights of Muslim women to wear niqabs in public here in Canada is under scrutiny. It's a contentious issue because one woman, Zunera Ishaq, chose not to take part in the Canadian citizenship ceremony because she would be required to show her face during the swearing in. According to this article by Raheel Raza,... Continue Reading →

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