Kisses or garlic?

Romanians love of garlic. I mean, we eat it with everything. We even make a sauce out of garlic to put on foods that we can’t cook the garlic directly into. If it’s meat or vegetable, we’ll smother it in garlic. Frankly I’m surprised we haven’t found a way to make a desert out of it.

It’s not a bad thing to have wicked garlic breath if your partner also partakes. Or if you’re trying to ward off vampires. But if only one of you eats garlicky foods – or worse it makes you burp garlicky death bombs all night – it can be somewhat repulsive.

This graph illustrates the “mititei effect” whereby chances of kisses decreases with the number consumed and with the proximal time since ingestion.

Chance of kisses (dashed line), compared to garlickiness a.k.a. time since ingestion (solid line)

And yes, not only would I have bad breath, I am a nerd who would have bad breath. Now please pass the mititei!

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