Hogwarts and the defeat of Voldemort

I find myself walking around the lovely Hatley Castle lately.

You may recognize it as Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning from X-men. Sadly Wolverine hasn’t ever been here when I was.

Many of the students here have been calling it Hogwarts – in keeping with that theme I feel like something magical happened while I was here.

Voldemort, I mean Harper, has been defeated!   
I guess that makes Justin Trudeau, our new Prime Minister, Harry Potter? 

I would have loved a government that was more leftist than centrist, but the #anyonebutharper campaign was a success and for that I’m grateful. 

Mr Trudeau has a lot of work ahead of him to fix everything that Harper broke over his 10 year reign. But I’m hopeful that he can affect real change… He certainly has a lot to chose from;

  • Re-protect our waterways
  • Reinstate real environmental protection
  • Un-muzzle scientists
  • First Nations rights 
  • Take care of our veterans
  • Make us peacekeepers again

Seriously the list could go on and on… Trudeau, good luck restoring our once proud reputation as a country. I know you can do it.

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