Fight the power

In March, grad student Meghan Wright, wrote a piece in Science under the guise of women in STEM not needing to carry the burden of solving gender inequality on social media. Absolutely, it should be a shared responsibility of all people to ensure the gender, race (and more!) diversity is welcome, well-represented, and supported in all... Continue Reading →

A piece of toast, a coat hook and a spoon walk into a bar

Have you ever seen a face in your toast? Or a drunken octopus in your coat hook? Or a spoon on Mars? If so, that's pareidolia, a phenomenon whereby our minds find a pattern in the random. There are many examples of it, and most are a great source of amusement. And of course it's... Continue Reading →

Tales from the lab meeting

Today I went to the Surf & Turf Lab meeting, led by John Volpe & Jake Fisher. Both John and Jake have some fabulous grad students, and it's an atmosphere open to constructive criticism. Today's topic was on making a professional website that is both... well, professional... but also engaging.  There are a lot of... Continue Reading →

Where have I been?

I've been neglecting this blog because I went back to school to get a Masters of Professional Communication. You all know how I love science communication, so of course that's what I'm focusing on for my thesis research. And I need your help! I need to recruit participants for some focus groups I'll be running on... Continue Reading →

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