Weird shit part 6

Life is weird. Especially if you look for it.

How about this car that is more lichen than car now. It likely even photosynthesizes its own fuel.img_5499

On the topic of cars… this one I parked beside on day seemed a bit suspicious…img_5431-1

Where’s my Fancy Feast? Also where’s my dignity?img_5444

This pylon has an owl up its ass. Or the owl is wearing a pylon. I prefer the first option, but you be the judge.img_5470

Only Stormtroopers need watch their head. The rest of us must be fine.img_5506

I went to the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada conference. Ironically, organizers scheduled a homeopathy conference in the same building.


Cuddle with the life-sized skeleton kids, mommy wants to take a photo!img_5390

Hipster Hitler. 😳img_5515

Apparently deer are as strong as diamonds – your car will be utterly crushed.img_4953

Found this deer model in the woods. So of course I stopped to take a photo.img_5072

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