Weird shit part 2

Okay, time for another weird shit compilation. Hope you enjoy, but once again I can’t be held liable for you spitting your coffee onto your computer screen.

Take a look at that ingredient list. What the hell is “natural aroma of substance”?
This is my hand print on hubs’ belly – from a smack I “lovingly” gave him. Oops!
True love – of a paper skeleton. They insisted we hang it off a hook in the family room, where it scared the shit out of each of us in the morning. Gee, didn’t see that coming.
This is supposedly physically impossible. But the wood of this step was nothing when met with my hubs’ ass. It snapped right off – the step, not hubs’ ass.
Not well thought out license plate. Or maybe free advertising?
A clockwork orange gingerbread man my daughter made in kindergarten.
Sign a venue put up at a punk rock concert. Yeah sure punk rockers will follow your rules. Bahaha!
Family road trips bring you to magical new places…
This handsome kitty learned how to work the neighbours for treats. We kept him on diet cat food but it did no good. Until we put this tag on his collar, ” vet says I’m fat.”
This poor bird somehow got sucked up into our rental car. I made the mistake of trying to extract it – and ended up ripping the leg off. Oddly, the rental company wasn’t too pleased.
There’s an award for that?!
Clearly not one of those “Loo of the year” awardees. Inspiration in a porta-potty? Or a menacing statement? Either way, it works.


Adults go that way after dropping your baby here. Um, okay but where’s the nanny?
I’m not allowed to identify these people from Haloween of ’76 or ’77, but these were home-made “ghost” costumes for the whole family… Whatever you say, Grand Dragon Bubba Jo.

Hope you enjoyed, more to come another day.

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