I survived the Boob-pocalypse!

One week ago today I had a breast reduction done. This is my before picture.

Day before surgery, you can see bulging breast tissue from the 32 F bra I’m wearing.

And this is my after picture.

Now a 32 D

That after picture was taken four days after surgery. I was worried going into the surgery about the downtime I was going to have and of course the pain that was going to be involved in recovery. But as you can see I felt amazing immediately after the surgery.

I am still on a modified physical activity plan. Of course I am – it has only been one week since my surgery. But my incisions are healing wonderfully, and I didn’t need painkillers beyond the third day.

For the first time in years I don’t feel like my back is going to break, and I can stand up straight without pain.

I can see my belly button again without having to hoist boobs out of the way. I can’t even explain to you why that’s a life changer. Except that I feel like I don’t have my grandmother’s physique anymore.

This is what I felt like walking with hubs and my daughter
This is what I felt like walking with hubs and my daughter

I feel younger.

And I feel like I’m smaller all over now. I’ve always been athletic and now I feel like I look as physically fit as I should.

The surgeon removed 1 pound off of each of my breast. That’s a very significant reduction. And now I’m a D cup, which is ample.

Best part? The lump that they removed from my left breast came back from pathology with an all clear! I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life.

Now to remember to take it easy for the remaining 5 weeks until I’m fully recovered… Because I feel absolutely amazing already, I can’t wait to try these new boobs out and go for a jog.

This will be me once I get permission from my doctor
This will be me once I get permission from my doctor to run again

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  1. This is a great report to read, especially the ‘all clear’ from pathology. Thank you for sharing. Take care, C


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