Weird Shit Part 1

I seem to be a weird shit magnet. So I’m going to start a series on the weird things that I encounter. I figure if I’m going to be sitting there with a glass of wine in my hand, shaking my head while reflecting on my day, I may as well give you some enjoyment along the way. I’ll start off this series with some photos I’ve taken myself. Some of these are funny. Some of these are just plain weird. But they’re all entertaining.

So grab your refreshment of choice (alcoholic or not, I won’t judge), and enjoy. Though I can’t be held responsible if you spit your drink onto your computer.


Sounds like a new laxative
State Help funded your car? You’re an asshole.
My car can now tells time with the lesser known Vulcan scale.
This guy has a goat in his back seat. YES A GOAT

Guys with signs

Privatization is satanic? Thanks for telling me
Um yeah, what about them?


My cat really hated this shoe
A pigeon must have laid an egg in my hen house.


When nutritionists say to eat foods with lots of colours, I don’t think this is what they mean
Who the hell came up with this brand name? Dick Johnson?

My kids

Zombie’s just photobombing my kids. A typical Saturday
Darth Vader agreed to a photo with my kids and his Death Fiddle
My girl drew a kangaroo’s dong? And laser beams coming out of a wombat’s eye?  Future Picasso in the making


Does Superman know that you can buy “Cryptonite” at London Drugs?
My neighbour is a fire fighter, but he never got to be in the calendar. So I put his photo on each page. 😉
Holy shit Batman is in our sun room!

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