How to camera trap your kids

Our Siamese cat vanished from our yard a month ago.

Our Siamese, Wolverine

We’ve put up posters all over the neighbourhood. We’ve talked to what feels like everyone in this city. We have an ad in the paper. I can be found walking around streets in the dark with a flashlight, shaking a bag of kitty treats, and sobbing. Yes, I love that little kitty boy.

Yes, I’m well on my way to being Crazy Cat Lady

I have been told by many well-meaning people that much of it is out of our control; it’s just a matter of waiting now. Of course, since we’re a couple of scientists, it’s not really in our nature to just sit back and do nothing. Had we been microbiologists, I imagine that we would be plating every kind of surface looking for a microbial clue for which direction our kitty went. Since we’re a couple of biologists, we have access to camera traps – a much more applicable way to survey what’s around you.

Of course we have black tailed deer

And a bunch of other cute and cuddlies

But as a mother and wife, I’ve found that the camera trap is an effective way to spy on my family in the yard. Here’s a few of my favourite photos

Yup, I live with weirdoes. But they’re my weirdoes.

Wolverine isn’t home yet, but we’ve gotten reported sightings of him all over the city. He’s living up to his name-sake by being far-ranging and elusive.

Photo from

I think the next cat we get, we’ll name Sloth.

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