I was planning to do another weird shit compilation this week because I have a few doozies sitting on my phone. But during the course of digging up info for one of the NGO’s that I work with, I came across a treasure trove of crazy images through good old Google. A couple of the photos that follow are actually off my phone, but I won’t identify them since they’re actually museum specimens. So what on Earth is this post about? Taxidermy gone wrong.

Taxidermy is a science, to ensure proper specimen preservation. It allows for study in individual variation of physical characteristics; variations in markings, length of hairs, colour variation, specimen size, etc. But clearly it’s also an art, and some people just don’t have that gift. This collection is of derpy or funny taxidermy photos, I’ve spared you the horror of some of the species-hybridization photos I’ve come across (“rogue taxidermy” where they fuse two animals together – to say it’s nightmarish is an understatement). Not sure that these poor specimens will serve in any research, but they’re out there just waiting to stare you in the eye. Enjoy.

Scottish wild cat out at the pub too late
The most terrifying house cat in the world
This house cat may be derpy but he’s happy about it
This isn’t so much a Grey wolf, as it is a cray wolf
I guess this is why you don’t mount animals with mange. Or hire your taxidermist from the insane asylum
This stoner owl
Peek-a-boo derpy-wurpy owl
Peek-a-boo derpy-wurpy owl
Cosplay squirrels.
images (1)
The most intense fox in the world. I think he’s hypnotizing me
He’s on the time out bench
The cougar laughing at your shitty joke, who is about to rip your throat out
And this cougar who needs to sneeze for the rest of time
And this cougar who needs to sneeze for the rest of time
This lynx just needs a cigar to complete the yuk-yuk look on his face
Carnivorous deer? Well this would make a walk in the woods a bit more scary
This leopard is actually really well done, but the monkey?! I’ll have nightmares tonight…
Is this advertising for Tony’s Taxidermy?
Something’s missing, only I can’t quite put my paws on what it would be
Perhaps not the most derpy of the lot, but what’s with the bumpy legs and face?
images (2)
Clearly this polar bear doesn’t drink coke. And he wore braces as a teenager
images (3)
If my house cat looked like this, I probably wouldn’t want to stuff him to stare into my soul every day
This was a lion?! But how?
This was a lion?! But how?
Holy crap, no wonder this ermine died. Preserved perfectly, as it was found
Holy crap, no wonder this ermine died. Preserved perfectly, as it was found

And there’s more. Many, many more…

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  1. Thanks for that Alina….makes me realize that our decision not to have dear old Sam “stuffed” and mounted to enjoy forever was the right decision!! J.


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